Are you writing a book, series of short stories, poems, or academic work like a thesis or dissertation? Do you need accountability, scheduled check-ins, and guidance as you move through the writing process? This service would be helpful for you. We will work closely as you move through the writing process, and support will be tailored for your schedule, needs, and goals.


Do you have a finished first draft of your book, dissertation, or manuscript? Developmental editing would be great for you at this stage of the writing process. I provide detailed comments on higher-order concerns such as argument, audience, plot, characterization, etc. as I read through your manuscript, then discuss how to implement these revisions with you.


Is your manuscript nearly complete? Have you worked with a writing coach or developmental editor, and are now looking for a final polish on your book? Then this service would be ideal for you. I will provide an in-depth read-through of your manuscript, focusing on grammar, syntax, technical consistency, continuity, etc. Your manuscript will come out polished and ready for publication.



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I have several years of writing coaching and editing experience. Working with writers from a range of backgrounds, abilities, and goals, I seek to meet writers where they are, and to meet their individualized needs and goals. I have worked with a range of manuscripts - here's just a sampling of the manuscripts I have coached or edited: a series of short stories written by a personal injury attorney about his wild experiences on the job; a high-fantasy epic about a young girl with a mysterious past; a multi-generational family history told through the lens of a contentious funeral; a collection of poems that comprised an MFA thesis; a post-apocalyptic thriller; a series of short stories about small-town America life.

Feel free to contact me - I would be thrilled to hear about your manuscript or book project! Tell me a bit about your manuscript's progress and where you are in the writing process. Once I receive your email and information, we can schedule a time to talk to determine the best service for you and set goals for your writing and your manuscript. 


I wanted to thank you again for all the wonderful tips and tricks that you gave me, and thank you for the in-depth editing you have done for me. I seriously appreciate all the feedback and all the amazing things you've done.


Looking for writing support in the form of coaching, developmental editing, or copyediting? Drop me a line here: