Are you writing a book, series of short stories, poems, or academic work like a thesis or dissertation? Do you need accountability, scheduled check-ins, and guidance as you move through the writing process? This service would be helpful for you. We will work closely as you move through the writing process, and support will be tailored for your schedule, needs, and goals.


Do you have a finished first draft of your book, dissertation, or manuscript? Developmental editing would be great for you at this stage of the writing process. I provide detailed comments on higher-order concerns such as argument, audience, plot, characterization, etc. as I read through your manuscript, then discuss how to implement these revisions with you.


Is your manuscript nearly complete? Have you worked with a writing coach or developmental editor, and are now looking for a final polish on your book? Then this service would be ideal for you. I will provide an in-depth read-through of your manuscript, focusing on grammar, syntax, technical consistency, continuity, etc. Your manuscript will come out polished and ready for publication.


Are you working on a website, newsletter, press release, or description for your book? I can help you identify your target audience and find just the right words that will boost your traffic, increase brand or business awareness, and boost sales. I'm here to help you tell your story.



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The Quick & Dirty

  • MFA in Creative Writing - UNH

  • BA in English - College of William and Mary

  • Teach writing, writing consultation, and editing at UNH and Great Bay Community College

  • Current Associate Director of the Connors Writing Center 

  • Extensive writing, editing, and coaching experience

  • Extensive personal publication record

The...Long & Clean

My philosophy: I work with writers from a range of backgrounds, abilities, and goals. So I seek to meet writers where they are, and to meet their personal and individual needs. I have worked with a range of manuscripts - here's just a sampling of the books I have coached or edited:

  • Series of short stories written by a personal injury attorney about his wild experiences on the job

  • High-fantasy epic about a young girl with a mysterious past

  • Multi-generational family history told through the lens of a contentious funeral

  • Collection of poems that comprised an MFA thesis

  • Post-apocalyptic thriller

  • Series of short stories about small-town America life

Basically, I want to help you tell your story - or the story of your business. I also provide copywriting services, and am especially interested in helping artists and writers expand their audience and help their audience understand their brand. My main focus on audience identification, development of a brand's voice and tone, and making copy fresh and fun. Some of my recent projects:

  • The website of a watercolor artist living in the White Mountains

  • The description of a book of poems for a Seacoast-based writer 

  • Social media posts for the Connors Writing Center

  • Speeches for the future Miss Pennsylvania

  • Articles and emails for a DC-based nonprofit

  • Technical training documents for UNH writers

Feel free to contact me - I would be thrilled to hear about your project! Tell me a bit about your progress and what your goals for your project are. Once I receive your email and information, we can schedule a time to talk to determine the best service for you.



& links to projects

Website: Local Artist

This New Hampshire watercolor artist wanted to tell her story quickly, so that website visitors were able to move on to the real highlight of her website - her artwork! I helped her find the right words that would draw in her target audience and build a new clientele. 

Sample from website: As a self-taught artist, Connie enjoys painting in both traditional and whimsical form, utilizing bright colors and granulating textures in her artistry. Her process incorporates her love for the White Mountains - you can often find her on the trails, taking photos that will become the inspiration for her original watercolors.

A recent trip to Whidbey Island, WA, found her wandering into Raven Rocks Art Studio where the artist/owner shared with Connie the importance of having fun with her art.  That chance meeting changed her outlook on her work, and encouraged her to develop a unique style. Connie’s art is quirky and delightful. They are snapshots in time and place, reflecting the simple beauty of the Whites.

When she isn’t creating colorful watercolors in her studio, Connie enjoys hiking, baking, enjoying her favorite coffee hangout, and visiting her children.

Book Description: New Hampshire Poet

A poet based in Seacoast New Hampshire wanted a succinct but powerful description of her book. I helped her explore her ideas about her work, researched her writing, and wrote a description that would draw in her audience and would encourage them to purchase this poet's collection. 

In “A Fish in Me” Rhosalyn Williams asks, “Remember, you took the fishbone out of me?” Fortunately for us, the fishbone - and the hook - are still lodged deeply within the reader after finishing "Girls and Boys in Water." Williams’ poems are all about what’s underneath the skin; there’s a surging physicality beneath these simultaneously gentle and violent poems. Like the ever-moving water that flows through these poems, Williams words appear and recede through relationships, bodies, and an exploration of womanhood through work. Her poems are both observant of the world around her, and fantastical in what they make of that world. “Take note,” the boys at the bar say to her. And Williams does.   

Article: Appalachian Mountain Club

This was a fun project! The Backcountry Information Manager wanted a quick article that would remind visitors that late spring/early summer is still a great time to visit the White Mountains. The casual, conversational tone of the article targeted an audience of hikers and adventurers in the White Mountains, and encouraged them to both visit the region and support organizations that maintained the trail network.

On my way up, I ran into several Mountain Classroom groups, four Trail Crew members, and my former huts boss. It was a wonderful cross-section of AMC life. Also, I’d like to take this time to praise the Crawford Path. It’s a seriously underrated trail. There are no views, but the trail itself winds from the valley, past several small waterfalls, and climbs moderately into the subalpine zone. It’s a beautiful path, and you’ll literally be hiking on history – the Crawford Path is the oldest continually used trail in America.

I was once asked for my favorite trail in the Whites. I half-jokingly answered “the Mizpah Cutoff.” Hear me out: the trail almost immediately flattens out after the junction with the Crawford Path. This is where the wet trails from earlier start to pay off. Bog bridges cut through sections of the Boreal forest lined with sphagnum moss, creating a strange, but beautiful, greenish glow around the trail. Think Takodana or the Shire. It’s a lovely and underrated little jaunt through the subalpine zone, and I’d suggest really taking the time to enjoy the surroundings as you meander to the hut.


Brief: Kids From Day One for Heinemann

This was an assignment for Heinemann Publishing. It was a brief on the book Kids From Day One and included marketable quotes that represented the authors' voice and purpose, bullet points to help sales force understand how to market the book, and a catalog entry for the book. 

Christine Hertz and Kristi Mraz’s Kids First From Day One shares plans, strategies, and guides that will help you further engage your students, rooted in the belief that children are the most important people in the classroom.

Kids From Day One brief available here. 

Instagram Takeover: University of New Hampshire

This was a visual/video Instagram-based project. The University of New Hampshire marketing team produced a series of Instagram takeovers that highlighted the experience of UNH students - and in my case, employees. I was primarily interested in identifying a target audience of potential graduate students, especially MFA students. I wanted to share my personal experience at UNH and in New Hampshire, and encourage prospective students to see themselves here. 

#ThisIsUNH Takeover

Presentations: Great Bay Community College

In addition to running a writing center, gigging as an editor and copywriter, and doing lots of hiking, I also occasionally work as an adjunct instructor. These presentations were specifically developed for Great Bay Community College, and more specifically for the introductory college writing courses. I've identified a target audience of students at GBCC, but these presentations are general enough that any student could access them - or, for that matter, any English instructor working with new college writers.

Sample from presentation:

Where your thesis or main idea goes is also a consideration in establishing your persuasive structure. In what is generally referred to as a Support Structure, the paper develops from the central idea: An assertion, generalization, claim, or thesis is made early on in the paper and is then supported or backed up with the rest of the paper.

On the other hand, when a writer uses what is called a Discovery Structure, the paper builds toward a generalization, thesis, or solution, moving from one point to the next until the readers have been led to the thesis or conclusion. 

Introduction to Research

Research Proposals

Narrowing the Scope

The Persuasive Research Essay

Thesis Statements and Organization

Technical Documents: Connors Writing Center

As the Associate Director of the Connors Writing Center, I develop and maintain resources that are useful to University of New Hampshire students and instructors. These handouts are technical documents that provide guidance and instruction on a range of writing-related topics, including citation styles, elements of a paper, grammar and usage, and types of writing. 

Sample from one handout: Successful college writing requires much more than fulfilling assignments and following grammar and mechanics rules. Your instructors will expect you to know how to research effectively, think critically, and present your ideas and findings clearly in well-written and well-organized papers. This handout summarizes a variety of writing conventions that may be unfamiliar to students, whether or not they completed secondary education in the U.S..



I wanted to thank you again for all the wonderful tips and tricks that you gave me, and thank you for the in-depth editing you have done for me. I seriously appreciate all the feedback and all the amazing things you've done.


Let's talk about writing. Or corgis. Or both.